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A free book

A free book

I picked this book up from the bookshelf at Wivenhoe station. I had forgotten to bring along my novel. Having read all about the bookshelf on the Wivnehoe forum I wandered into the waiting room and checked out what was there. The books are donated by fellow commuters and members of the community. What a great idea.

This book caught my attention immediately. I have long been ridiculed by friends and family for being “a glass half full” “dreamer” kind of person.  Yes I am the one who thinks that watching a lady bird is one of the best ways to spend half an hour and then to extol the virtues of the ladybird and the pleasure that it brought me. I was also the person who saw the kingfisher at the Bongs and still nobody believes me.

Having spent the last four years conforming to the ideas of others,  and losing that sense of wonderment in the everyday, this book was a timely reminder to just stop rushing and wishing and wanting a better life.

I have a great life. I just need to stop and take notice of the little stuff. And to that woman in work who commented that I am the commuter from hell because I dont run as soon as I get off the train but rather I stop, look around me and appreciate life. Well, I still get into work before you, I am the one who is at my desk drinking tea and ready for the day ahead when the phones start at 9am whilst you are the one running in and in a flap.

Thank you to the person who left this book on the bookshelf. You may have just rebooted this non-conformists attitude to life.

How about you? Have you read a book that has kickstarted you or even changed your attitude to life?