2013 is not treating me as well as I believe it should be. For the second time in as many months I succumbed to tonsillitis which is not the most pleasant of ways to spend my first chance of taking a few days of work.

Himself has been on a secret mission to Austria this week. As I was unable to arrange for Mr Moose to be on a holiday of his own I had to pass up the opportunity to visit my much awaited  new home in the Alps and stay back here in Essex. Still it wasn’t such a great hardship as I see living here as a whole new adventure in itself. I had planned to have a few adventures over the border to Surrey. I wanted to take a look at Southwold and even the Vale of Dedham. I also hoped to do some flat hunting in my attempts to move LondonBound project along a little. And then it hit me.

There I was minding my own business (well minding the bosses business to be precise) when I suddenly felt rather lousy. As  the Friday wore on I felt gradually worse and by the time I got home there was nothing left for me but to collapse in a sorry heap into bed. This was even more irritating as I was due to go on a big adventure with a rather lovely set of ladies and I was just too poorly. I had been looking forward to this meet up for months too. Still I got to read all about it over on Robyn’s blog and a few tweets through the weekend kept me informed of tea and cake frolics. I was most disappointed to miss out on the trip to Borough Market one of my most favourite places to head to when in London.

Despite being ill I still managed to drag myself out of my lovely bed at 3 am on Sunday morning to ferry Himself to the airport for his flight to Austria


I do love airports. Being there reminded me of my childhood dream to work in an airport. Watching people head out on holidays, business and goodness knows what trips. Driving back through an ethereal Essex countryside bathed in the orange glow of the rising sun made for such an uplifting experience I almost forgot how ill I felt.

As the week wore on I felt worse and worse. And so my holidays were spent in bed, on the sofa, reading books, listening to music, watching tv, reading update texts from Austria.My concentration was not at its best but I find reading chic lit when ill is the best type of reading  so Jane Green was a treat.

Meanwhile, over in Austria Himself was visiting our future home, exploring Salzburg and meeting lots of interesting people. My time will come but in the meantime I will console myself  with his lovely photos.