I read a quote today

“Pay attention to where your mind wanders because that is where your heart rests”
Simple words that have helped me today.
Having been a day dreamer all of my life,  my mind regularly completes a round  the world journey, I have never placed any emphasis on my sojourns, seeing them as simple ways of dealing with every day stresses
Reading the quote after  completing one of my regular visits,in my mind, to a certain beach that I adore. I got to thinking about my recent daydreams and the themes of each.
All of them were related to travel, relaxation, adventure, temptation (well isn’t every good journey full of temptation) and deep and meaningful friendships.
And so I am left pondering. I know where my heart lies. It just isn’t in one place and maybe that is the key to my current restlessness. Now to  ponder what it all means and to do about it. I do love a bit of navel gazing. It keeps me from daydreaming.