After a long and tiresome journey of cancellations, detours and unscheduled taxi rides I finally arrived at my destination late on Friday night.

Arriving at the station and being greeted  by my lovely other half and the bounding  of a giant hound I said goodbye to my new friends and hopped into Hermann. Trundling out of Aberystwyth, into the pitch blackness of the night  and up the long hill heading towards the valley we call home, I couldn’t resist winding down the window.  I breathed in the heady scent of salt sea air, wild garlic growing on the hillside and thick woodsmoke of the small cottages and I felt happier than I can remember. We pull onto the drive and I jump down from the cab onto the drive where I stand and listen to the deafening silence. Suddenly I hear him, the owl that I had spent four years listening for and when the hoot pierces the silent it startles me. How soon I have become used to the hustle, bustle and noise of the city. I wait in the hope that I can feel the bats swooping but tonight  they are in hiding. Lifting my head I blink at the sky and the myriad of diamond like stars up there. A clear night sky graced me with it’s presence on my homecoming.

Turning the key in the lock I push on the door and hear the familiar creak of the hinge beckoning  me home. I step into the kitchen and quickly become aware of the scents that signify me. Bergamot, eucalyptus and lavender remind me of cleaning rituals that bring  a sense of pride and routine. On to the lounge and the lingering scent of geranium gives a sense of freshness and the promise of summer to come and finally into the bedroom where Frankincense and lavender mingle to create a calm ambience. I ponder how these scents reflect my sense of being. It has been almost six months since I was here but it feels like yesterday.
A quick change into my favourite PJs and then heading back to the lounge, stopping to look at pictures on the walls before I find myself lifting the lid of the piano and running my hand along the keys. I dont play the piano but I love to play with the piano. The photo of Benson, my long departed Cocker spaniel, winks at me from the shelf.

Strange how we never appreciate what  we have until it is gone. I never considered myself a material person, believing that I could live with next to no possessions. Oh how wrong I was.

On to the bookshelf devouring the titles in one quick glance. My collection of elephants bringing the same smile to my face that it brought every day since that first impulse buy and then the regular investments. I quickly spot that the junk shop silver teapot is filled with freesia and turn to my other half to say thank you. He stands there smiling. I ask what he smiles at and he replies. “You and the joy you are finding in everything” I laugh and collapse into the sofa that I worked overtime to afford. Sinking into the cushions and tucking my feet beneath me I finally appreciate my need for being comfy. Surrounded by the things that I have collected over a lifetime, the people that I love and my animals how could I ever want more than this.

It is so good to be home. This is where my mind wanders when I daydream. Home is not a place, it is a feeling, a comfort it is, indeed  my very own cwtch corner.