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Joining in again with  FOR  TODAY over at the Simple Woman’s Daybook.


Outside my window the grass is long and filled with beautiful wild flowers, others may call them weeds but what is a weed other than a flower growing somewhere that you didn’t put it? The sitting room overlooks the garden and the fields beyond. I am sitting by the patio doors watching the birds at the feeder. As the sun rises behind the shed the world is bathed in an orange glow and mists rise from the fields. The traffic is quiet the birds are waking and singing, preparing for the day. This is the way every day should start. Quiet contemplation


I am thinking of all the things that need to be done over the next two days checking my lists and making new ones. I am wishing that I had been more organised and managed to find the time in the evenings to get on top of everything leaving me the chance to enjoy my last weekend here more. That said, I know that with my lists everything will get done. I love lists


I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to live in such a beautiful area. Suffolk has long been on my wish list of places to visit and being on the border has allowed me to enjoy all that it has to offer. It has confirmed my belief in quaint country villages. They do exist.


In the kitchen boxes are standing waiting to be filled with crockery, the dishwasher is whirring and the washing machine is humming. I have Aduki beans soaking ready for a Red Dragon Pie making session later. My partner told me there was nothing in to make tea last night, it was his turn to cook, I begged to differ so tonight I will show him that we have plenty of things in it just takes a bit of imagination.

I am wearing my favourite stripey socks. They are warm and fluffy and cosy. Better still they are colourful beyond belief. Max has even been known to borrow them.


I am creating a new life. I am using the philosophy of Mark Twain that an optimist travels on nothing from nowhere to happiness. Me? I will be travelling in Hermann, from somewhere to, well, nowhere in particular at the moment. From Sunday I will be “homeless”. Strange that as I actually own two properties although neither is available for me right now, nor are they in the actual place where my work is. Funny how life turns out. The next couple of months should be fun. I will be a wanderer.


I am going a little bit crazy trying to make sense of life right now. And then, I tell myself that life is a journey. On the days when I feel like I cannot take another step I stop and remember how strong I have been in the past and I know that I can carry on. It just takes a little breathing and a tad of courage. At least I am alive and healthy. Sometimes I just have to accept that plodding is ok.

I am wondering how to balance the books. I am no magician but I am sure that I can conjure up a way of dealing with everything that is being thrown at me right now. How is it that all the bills come at once?


I am reading the latest Marian Keyes book. Well, that is stretching it a little. I have the new Marian Keyes book sitting beside me as I type. I have read the dust cover but I am afraid to pick it up to start reading right now because I have so much to do. Marian Keyes books always make me smile. They are my little bit of escapism, along with Cecelia Aherne. I do wish that I could write as well as them.

I am hoping that the journey to Wales on Monday will be smooth. Google maps tells me that it is a five and half hour journey. In reality when travelling in a convoy of campervan and car loaded with all my wordly goods and Max in a state of anxiety it is more likely to take 10 hours.


I am looking forward to stopping off in the Cotswolds on my journey back to Wales. Like Suffolk, the Cotswolds are quaintly English and I feel at peace there. I love the little streets and the antique shops filled with treasures. The golden glow of the houses made from cotswold stone and the hegerows filling the air with scents of wild flowers and wild garlic. Bliss.

Stow on the Wold

I am learning to believe in myself. To value myself and to take care of my mental wellbeing. I am learning that life is short and my days are dwindling on this earth so I really need to make the most of them.

Around the house I wander from room to room. Packing, sorting, sitting and pondering. Boxes sit in each room. I cannot believe that I arrived with one suitcase and two armchairs in the true belief that I would be here for just a few weeks and now, six months on I am packing up boxes and suitcases and I have acquired a sofa. I do hope they all fit in the van to head off back to Wales to be stored safely until I need them again.

I am pondering the possibility of a stop over in the Cotswolds. The amount of stuff packed into Hermann means that we cant sleep in him so it is going to need some financial juggling to afford a stop off in the Travelodge where Moo will be allowed.

A favorite quote for today… If you’re not having fun, then you’re doing something wrong.” Groucho Marx

One of my favorite things sitting in this conservatory basking in the sunshine and listening to the birds whilst sipping earl grey and writing a blog post.

A few plans for the rest of the week: packing, driving, unpacking, packing a different case, driving, visiting family, packing, getting a train back to London. And in between all that, living in the moment. Hectic as it all sounds I am determined to appreciate all the little things that I will encounter on the journey.

A peek into my day…sunrise