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It’s the penulitmate day for me here in Essex and I still have a lot of cleaning to do. So why then am I sitting in the conservatory watching the birds on the feeder, listening to Max snore gently on the rug at my feet and typing away on the computer?  Well, perhaps it is because I have a list of things to do and at least half of that lift is ticked off. Hermann is half filled with my belongings and I am waiting on my friend to call in soon.



What is procrastination and am I actually procrastinating?  Well, the dictionary says that it is the putting off of something until later………… yes, I am doing that. It also says to put of doing something out of perpetual habit or laziness……….. erm, no I am not lazy and it is not a habit.  Edward Young says that procrastination is the thief of time (The complaint: night thoughts). Whilst I agree with that for most people who procrastinate I would think that for me, today, it is not stealing my time rather allowing me to do something else with the time I have available. After all, I don’t want my friend to turn up and be mopped, hoovered or dusted do I.

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I am not an avid cleaner, I admit that I often find far more interesting things to do than clean but I do enjoy cleaning when left alone to get on with it. For me cleaning is a therapy, it gives me time to be on my own focused on just one thing at a time. I like to work through the house room by room starting from the top and finishing at the back of the house. Strangely I had never considered myself as a creature of habit but just recently I have come to realise that I like routine. It keeps me calm, in control and chilled. When I dont have a routine I am all at sea. I really dont know what to do with myself.


Cleaning gives me the opportunity to reflect on my place of being. It allows me time to appreciate the things around me. It is a ritual. One that I have never appreciated. However, if you saw the house today you would never believe that. It is waiting for my attention with baited breath.




So, what routines do you have. When did you last procrastinate over something and what did you replace that activity with. Was it a waste of time or simply a better use of your time.

Next time I feel like I am procrastinating I am going to exam the real reason for my putting something off. After all, understanding our actions is the first step in dealing with them. Right?

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