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“A book is not only a friend, it makes friends for you. When you have possessed a book with mind and spirit, you are enriched. But when you pass it on you are enriched threefold.”
— Henry Miller The Books In My Life (1969)

Oh I do love a good book. It doesn’t matter what the book is about. It can be a book of photos, an inspirational book, a poetry book a novel or a factual book. Although I do have a weakness for cookery books and books of quotes.

I can’t pass a charity shop without going in to peruse the bookcases. I love antique book shops and libraries, high street bookshops and jumble sale book stalls


I love to browse my friends bookshelves. I think that a bookshelf is an insight into a person’s soul. I first came across Shelfie’s when reading an article in the Guardian requesting people to send in their own Shelfie and then I came across Windmil Book’s competition this seemed like such a good idea that I decided to share my own shelfie with bookloving friends and we regularly send each other photos.


Since Christmas I have been gifted many books. Some were a complete surprise. Receiving a package in the post is always exciting but opening that package and finding a book that has been sent by a friend because they “saw this and thought of you” is very special.


This one arrived just after Christmas. The very lovely lady who sent it had been browsing a well known on line book retailer when this popped up. She knows how much I love quotes and I was struggling with life in general at the time so this was a perfect gift. It sits on my bookshelf next to the sofa and I often pick it up to reread something that chimes with me.

The next parcel to arrive was from another wonderful friend. She had enjoyed reading this and thought that I might  also enjoy it. I started it this week. It is quite different from anything I have ever read before but so far I am drawn into the magical world of the circus.

The Night Circus.


And today I had a visit from a friend armed with a hessian bag filled with goodies.

IMG_6696Bookswapping is a great way to try new authors. We laughed because I took a book from the shelf to give to her and she said that she had read that and donated to the charity shop last month. I had bought if from the very same shop the day after she donated it! Oh well, it went to a good cause.

I was excited recently to learn all about the website BookCrossing and checked it out after finding a book that was registered on there. What a fantastic social networking site this is. The simple idea is that you take a book and register it on the site. Put a label inside the book with a number and then leave it for somebody to pick up. When they find the book they go to the website and register stating where they found it and what they thought of it. Also stating where they have left it for the next reader. I am definitely going to pass this on and then go hunting for more.

I have wanted to join a book club for such a long time and last year, just before Christmas, I did just that. Unfortunately I didnt feel that the group of people there were quite right for me and so I didn’t return. A friend and I have been talking about setting up our own book club so that is on my list to do this year.

Are you a bookworm? Do you have a bookshelf full of lots of different books? I think that I will do a monthly post all about my love of books and review some of the books that I am reading. Feel free to join in.