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When I viewed the house to rent I was unable to see the kitchen for the clutter of the current tenant. On the day I moved in it looked like this. A complete blank canvas. Unfortunately I am not able to paint the walls as yet (hoping the landlord will let me do that later) so I need to find other ways to cheer the place up.  


I was very lucky and grateful to be gifted a small fridge freezer when I moved into my new home. It needed a bit of a clean up as it had been stored in a garage for a few months


First I set to getting rid of the sticky tape. I started by using nail polish remover. No luck, I then tried white spirit. Nothing moving. Next I tried a mixture of sugar soap and white spirt. Still struggling. Eventually I thought that I would just lightly sand the whole of the fridge and then try sugar soap again. Nope. One more try with nail polish remover (after two people had suggested it again) and Hey Ho off it came.


Gathering everything I needed into one place seemed like a good starting point. I already had a lot of the materials but I needed to buy the white spirit (I chose an environmentally friendly one so it was a bit more expensive) and the primer which was on offer at £7.49. The tin of paint I already had which made the decision on the colour scheme. 

IMG_0137I am not the neatest of painters so I decided to mask off all the bits that I didn’t want to paint. Next I mixed satinwood paint with a primer as I admit to being a bit impatient and I like a good short cut. 


Mixing them together into a pot meant that when I had finished I could pour the leftover mixture into one of the empty tins for  use in a couple of other projects later. 

At this point I realise that I didn’t take any pictures of the actual painting in progress. I used a gloss roller to put the paint onto the fridge as I did not want any brush marks. 


I finished all of the painting but decided that I shouldnt paint the top of the fridge as I didnt think the paint would take to the type of surface that is there. Thinking cap on and I came up with the idea of using vinyl material and glue it on. Once I had decided on that yesterday involved my first ever trip to Dunelm Mill where I thought I had died and gone to heaven. So much to choose from I had to keep my mind on what I was actually looking for. I will be returning as I spotted some material for curtains in my campervan (but I digress) 


Et Voila, the fridge is finished. All in all it took me about 3 hours from start to finish. 


  • satinwood gloss for wood and metal
  • primer for wood and metal 
  • gloss roller 
  • white spirit
  • nail polish remover 
  • sugar soap 
  • sandpaper (I used a fine one) 
  • small paintbrush for edges 
  • cotton buds (for cleaning any bits) 

I am rather pleased with it and it makes me smile every time I go into the kitchen.  Just a few more little projects to do and it should soon be really cheery. 

So, what makes you smile in your home?