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The sun is shining and everything seems so much more cheerful don’t you think? I love bright sunny winter days. I feel as if I can see forever when out walking. Moo and I took a trip to the river today and indulged in tea and cake whilst sitting in Hermann by the canal watching the boats. We met lots of people walking their furry friend and everybody seemed to be bright and cheerful. It was busier than I have ever seen it there, I guess that the first bright day after the current storms spurred people on to get outside.

It is easy to fall into the mindset of thinking that there is little to be grateful for, especially during the long winter nights. I have been trying to appreciate little things around my house this week and here are a few of my favourite things.


My current mantra.


My Melin Tregwynt purse. A gift when I left my job in Wales


Precious gifts on my dressing table


Fruit bowl filled to overflowing


Hyacinth bulbs beginning to blossom


Choosing recipes from my selection of books


Flowers on the mantelpiece


Stationery porn!

So what little things help you through the winter? What makes you smile