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Since returning to my home town I am very pleased to be able to take a walk in the park with Moo. It keeps me from missing the country too much. Today was such a beautiful day to take a walk. Why not join me for a little wander.

As a child I loved to go to the park in my home town. Playing tennis, sitting by the aviaries, dancing in the bandstand, swinging, sliding and digging in the sandpit. Stroling across the grass I would imagine that this must be what it would be like to live in the country. Mad, I know, as the park was in the middle of a big industrial town. I always did have an active imagination.


Victoria Park was first opened in 1900 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee (hence the name). I was told by my Nan that when she was little there was a boating lake. As a child myself that had long gone but a lake has now been restored thanks to a Heritage Lottery fund. It is one of my favourite places to sit and ponder. I love to feed the geese and ducks. As for the swans, well, they adore Moo and come charging across the lake when they see us in the distance.

IMG_6320I loved to sit by the greenhouses and allow myself to be mesmerised by the flowing water of the fountain

IMG_6162IMG_6342The council took it away for many years and then it reappeared in the town centre. Until, that is, some revellers decided to fill it with washing up liquid one Saturday night. With the lottery funding it was restored to it’s rightful place by the greenhouses and at the entrance to the park.

I used to enjoy dancing in the bandstand too as a child. It was rather neglected and never used for anything other than the kids running up and down and climbing over the railings but just look at it now

IMG_6174The centrepiece of the park and regularly used for open air concerts and shows. Just as it should be.

IMG_6348Sadly, this is all that is left of the area where the aviaries used to be. A wall with what appears to be a door bricked up. Again, my imagination came into play and I wonder where that door led to.

And one last stop for me is the memorial garden and monument. This is the remains of a town cross hit by a WW2 bomber which was returning home from a raid on Liverpool and Birkenhead before being shot down in Widnes.

IMG_6343 IMG_6344

My junior school was right across the road from the park and stories of the bomber were always circulating (no I am nowhere near old enough to remember the war) so finally having this memento and plaque proves that we knew more than we thought we did.

Do you enjoy learning about the history of your home town?