Money is in short supply for most of us right now and the first thing that gets dropped from my list when this is the case is entertainment. I have learned the hard way that this is the last thing that should be dropped. If you get into a cycle of work, paying bills, working harder, paying more bills and feeling as if you are on a hamster wheel then you will soon burn out. Everybody needs something to lighten their load and doing something they love can be the very thing.

There are ways to find things that you love to do at little or no cost.  I have found that by rooting out free or cheap entertainment my mind has been expanded, trying things that I wouldnt normally consider or even just using my thinking matter to find things that I am interested in  and allowing myself the time to travel a little further (there is always cost in this so you need to budget that in)

Let me share with you a couple of things that I have been doing recently.

Recently I discovered that my local ice rink had an ice hockey team and it is only £5 to watch a game. Having suffered through an American Football game some years ago I was reluctant to give this a go but in my endeavour to try new things I decided to just go for it.  I am so pleased that I did because the game was so exciting, the spectators were full on, playing trumpets, banging drums, stamping their feet and shouting out the name of the team in harmony. Unfortunately for me I discovered it much too late in the season and only got to watch two matches. It is the teams first season playing but they are in the playoffs so that is really good news. I will definitely be looking to go more often next season. I might even use my Virtual Saving Pot fund to buy a season ticket!  I would say that it is the best £5 I have spent recently.

Widnes Wild in action

I recently visited the Victoria Gallery and  Museum in Liverpool.  I had been passing this building for many years and often admired it before I discovered that it was, in fact, a museum.  I have recently realised how much I love architecture as an art form in its own right and I also love to visit museums so to find out that this stunning building is now a museum was wonderful and the fact that it was completely free was even more wonderful. If you live in the area or are planning a visit to Liverpool then I would definitely recommend this as a must see.


Liverpool Gallery and Museum

Victoria Gallery and Museum

Vincenza masterpiece on loan to Victoria Gallery and Museum

Vincenza masterpiece on loan to Victoria Gallery and Museum

 grand staircase and light streaming through

grand staircase and light streaming through


I visited this with my BFF as part of our agreed monthly girly days out. We easily lost several hours wandering around. We even discovered the lecture theatre where we both sat quietly for a while contemplating and just enjoying the total peace and quiet. As I now work quite close to here I think that I will be visiting in my lunch hour.  We also visited another local landmark that day. More about that in my next post.

I have a whole list of things planned to do over the next few weeks and I will share them as I do them.

What have you been up to and how do you budget for your entertainment?