The light of the streetlamps outside my window, diffused by the icy mist that shrouds them, throw a warm glow across the carpet, the rooftops glisten in the moonlight and there is an eerie silence in the streets. It is early morning and I am unable to sleep.  I am thinking how different the night is here compared to the countryside I lived in not long ago. I miss the pitch black skies, littered with stars and the pair of owls that twitted and twooed in the woods beyond my lane. I am thankful, though, for living in a part of the town that does, at least, go quiet in the night.  
 As I made my chamomile tea, in the kitchen, the slow cooker clicked and my porridge started to slowly cook for my breakfast, reminding me that I will be up again in a couple of hours readying myself for the day ahead. Padding back through the house in my fleecy bedsocks that I am wearing is rather precarious on the polished tiles and I slip whilst carrying my cup back to bed.  
 I am creating  a cosy, peaceful home for now and I am enjoying the process of designing each room.Sourcing free or cheap items to help create the look is far more satisfying than heading to the shops and buying all I need in one go. My home feels like more of a reflection of me than it ever has.    
This is the year that I am finally going to be able to move into my new home in Austria.  I am wondering how quiet the night will be there and if I will be inspired by my surroundings. It has been a while since I found myself writing, taking photos and creating anything that I am willing to share. I feel that creativity creeping back in slowly and I am looking forward to it fully igniting again.  I am hoping that it will be  a way to help me to integrate with the community there in one way or another. 
I recently found a new book Buddhist Bootcamp and  I am reading it with interest. It is not really about Buddhism but more about taking the principles of buddhism to train your mind to deal with every day life. It is interesting, not teaching me anything I didnt already know but focusing my mind to put things into practice more. I am hoping that this will be a tool to help me in my path to more mindful living. I am learning to take things slowly and to enjoy my days more.  
 A favorite quote for today…

“Nothing is permanent in this wicked world – not even our troubles.” – Charlie Chaplin

 A peek into my day…