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One of the things I love about Sunday mornings is having the opportunity to catch up with my reading for the week. I do read a little every day but that tends to be my relaxation downtime and is usually the latest novel of choice. I am currently alternating between two novels and a self improvement book.

good books

Ever since I was little I could be found curled up on the sofa reading a good book on Sunday mornings. A highlight of my weekend as I became an “adult” was the special treat of having the Sunday paper delivered allowing me to fall out of bed, pick the paper off the mat,wander into the kitchen,  put the kettle on and  sit at the breakfast bar flicking through the weekend supplements as I waited for the cheery whistle.  Wandering through to the lounge, switching on the radio for the Archers or Desert Island Discs and stretching out on the sofa always felt rather decadent.


I don’t have the paper delivered anymore. I found that a lot of the stories were just too distressing. Ignorance is a choice in this day and age and I have come to the conclusion that it is ok to choose to be ignorant about some things. That doesnt mean that I dont keep up to date with things that matter to me or interest me. The internet allows me to pick and choose what I will spend my Sunday mornings on via use of the bookmark and reading list on my computer.  These days it is a mixture of my  latest book, favourite blogs, articles from various publications that I have bookmarked throughout the week and magazines gathered over the years.

Cecelia Aherne

This week’s perusal of twitter aroused my interest in the latest scandal involving Jeremy Clarkson as I clicked through to an article retweeted by the lovely Maria of the the money principle, I dont even want to waste my time on the silly man however this article was about more than just the silly old fool. In other media news Suzanna Reid has changed channels and taken over the Good Morning Britain anchor role. Reading this article made me rather grumpy. Will women ever be given credit for their intellect over their looks. I fear not. If reading that article made me grumpy I am sure that , those who know me well, will understand how Chris Packhams campaign against the Maltese Massacre have left me be both saddened and angry at the same time. I find it hard to believe that in this day and age this is still allowed to carry on.

Those last two articles left me feeling rather down so it was time to turn my attention to more cheery things.

I have been striving again to sort out my wardrobe and get back to my love of capsule wardrobes. This happens every couple of years as I find myself overwhelmed with the decisions over what to wear. Catching up with my good friend  Lula’s blog post on this very subject led me to Project 333 hence the loss of an hour of my reading time . I now have a notebook full of notes.

My Sunday morning reading often leads to listsmaking. If it isn’t a list of other books, articles or blogs to search out then it will be a list of things to do or places to visit.



52 weeks, 52 Letters ; A 2011 Project


This is why I love to read. It expands my mind but even more than that it enriches my life, challenges me to improve my life, try new things  or to question and review my beliefs. I am really interested in conscious living and I try hard every day to make conscious decisions in my every day actions. I often read Conscious Life News  to give me new ideas. Do you ever find yourself struggling to write your blog, paint that picture or know what to do with that piece of fabric? I do a lot. The article  How to create inspiration and motivation  that I found was quite thought provoking for me as I often sit to write a blog post and then lose all idea of what to write about.

I have consciously been reducing the amount of time I spend on the internet and this has meant that I have lots of blog posts to catch up on when I do sit down. Incorporating them into my Sunday morning reading means that I dont actually manage to read everything I want to and I certainly dont leave as many comments as I would like to but life is about living and, for me, that means not sitting in front of a screen for too long. Here are a few of my favourite posts from this weekend.



Have you read anything thought provoking this week? How do you manage your readiing time?