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I am often in awe of people who can take a little bit of rubbish and turn it into something truly amazing. This, for me, is what seeing the world with a different eye is all about. It is the ultimate in seeing beauty in everything that surrounds us. Really looking at the world instead of just seeing it.

I know that we cannot all be creative but I do think that we can all see things a little differently. Better still we can all take the time to stop and really look at what surrounds us instead of just rushing on by.

Let me share with you a few of my favourite things that I consider to be recylced art.

This little man outside one of my favourite tea shops in Aberystwyth never ceased to make me smile. Isn’t amazing what can be made out of things that people throw away.


Another little piece of recycling that I consider to be art is also a really useful home for bugs and spiders at the Allotment Gardens in Regents Park.

IMG_3845A scrap of wood, a handful of discarded autumnal leaves and an old pair of wellies and Voila, a scarecrow



And then there are always the log sculptures to add a little interest to a bare patch of earth



The permaculture side of things reminds me of my friend Jenni who recently did a whole load of posts all about permaculture – go check them out here.  I still have so much to learn from this inspirational lady.

One final piece of art that I found at the beach in Aberystwyth was fairly poignant.


Have you recycled something into a piece of art lately.