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smoothie loveHaving been a vegetarian for some years with a couple of forays into the vegan pasutres I was quite pleased to be invited by a friend to join in with her on a 30 Day Vegan course over at Beauty that Moves. This came at just the right time for me as I am reassessing lots of things in my life right now.

Day one dawned and the first thing that I made was the lovely smoothie you see up there in the picture, it felt quite decadent to be having such a scrumptious breakfast. I have to say that by day 3 my tastebuds are positively tingling in anticipation waiting for the next delight to be served.


Looking back through my notebook filled with recipes that I have enjoyed cooking I noticed that a fair few can be classed as vegan I suppose. Take the Butternut Squash Morrocan Style  that I wrote about some time ago. One of my favourite things to cook for friends who are not vegetarian when they come for dinner.  Speaking of friends for dinner, I had a couple of friends over recently, one of whom was diabetic so I went foraging on the internet for nice desert recipes and came up with a chocolate and prune cake which was totally yummy. I am afraid I didn’t get chance to photograph it as it all went so fast. I think that I might try to recreate this as a vegan option when I have chance.

I might try my maple muffins again soon too


There are other elements to the 30 day course and I am thoroughly enjoying using my time to think about being kinder to myself. So much so I have dug out my old favourite go to book Romancing the Ordinary

What are you doing to be kind to yourself?