I have been having a bit of a tidy up in my life lately because I have been feeling rather overwhelmed with things. I am also trying to live more consciously. The 30 day Vegan course that I talked about before has really  helped me to evaluate lots of things in my life. From shopping, to looking after myself, no part of my life has escaped some thought and note making.

I mentioned before that I have been inspired by Lula over at Peppermintpot to sort out my wardrobe which resulted in my taking a big bag of clothes to the charity shop last weekend. I chose to take them to the Age Concern shop as I always buy books there, at only 75p per book (even hardbacks) they are the best value. Once I made that decision I also decided to return some books to them that I had read. It feels so liberating to have space again.

Whittling down the Wardrobe

I know that I have spoken about this before in my Whittling down the Wardrobe post. I must learn not to let things creep back in without me making conscious decisions to replace things that I need or buy things that go with other items in my wardrobe.

I am sure that by starting there then the Spendy Elves who have been camping in my head might not be so naughty in the future. There are lots of things that I think that I need but know that, in reality, I don’t so I intend to stop and think from now on.

I am going to set myself a limit for the next year on a clothing budget. This should be a good start.  As I wrote that sentence I was reminded of something that I was told when on a course once, I thought that I had written a blog post about it so I went in search of it to link back to. Imagine my surprise when I found it in the drafts. I guess that now is as good a time as any to post it so I have copied it below.




It’s a limit not a target. Ever heard that saying? I first heard it last year and blimey was it like a lightbulb going on.


Ok, I admit that the circumstances under which I heard it was not one of my proudest moments but hey, we all have flaws

There I was, opening my post  as I bit into my toast  I choked slightly by the sight of the official looking letter declaring that my lovely self had been photographed and, as a result I had to pay £80 for the pleasure of having three points added to my licence, or £75 for a very good self improvement class.Which would you choose? Me? There was no contest, I have always been a sucker for a bit of self improvement and as I had been pictured doing 34 in a 30 zone I figured that £80 plus increased insurance costs was a little disproportionate, especially as I never speed. This particular day I was in a hire car and relying on my sat nav a little too much in  an alien environment. Yes, Cardiff is a very alien environment, ask the Dr (Who)

Off I tootled to my class where I met 10 other criminals, including a farmer who had been breaking the 30 mile limit in his TRACTOR!! I ask you, who ever got stuck behind a tractor going more than 10 miles an hour? He was rather proud of himself I have to say, so were the rest of the class.

Despite the seriousness of the day the trainer managed to have us laughing throughout and when the question “when is it ok to speed” came up Mr Farmer had the perfect excuse, he was attending to a fracas in one of the fields where the ram had gotten in with the sheep. NO said the trainer, it is never ok to speed. EVER. Well, that is unless you have a bee inside your collar but even then the police would expect forensic evidence to be provided.

I asked about the times when somebody is on my bumper and I feel as if I am in the way and there is nowhere for them to pass. No, he said, remember it is a limit not a target and if you are not comfortable going up to the speed limit then that simply means that you know your own limits, dont let somebody bully you into acting otherwise. Pull over if you have to.

I came away that day with a whole new perspective on driving. Not only have those words helped me in my driving but in my daily life too. I always set myself budgets for various things and I compete with myself to see how much under the budget I can go. A limit not a target. I know plenty of people who will rush to get to that limit and then not know what to do next.

I have mentioned these words to a few people and they always seem to resonate. I try to use them to control my spendy elves, I use them when I am eating too much and in many other ways too.

So, what are your limits and do you ever turn them into targets?