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You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.
C. S. Lewis 

Now, I don’t know about you but I love a good book. Ever since I had special “one to one” reading lessons with Mrs Laverick in primary school. I was told that I had the lessons because I was especially good at reading so imagine my Mum’s amusement,  whilst having a conversation with her aged 36 about that very thing, when I realised that it was really because I was a bit slow and behind the rest of the class. Whatever the reason it gave me a life long appreciation of books. My best presents have been books. From the Famous Five that my Great Aunty Kath used to buy for me each Christmas to the Book about Spices that my ex husband bought for a birthday present because he forgot it was my birthday and rushed into a shop on his way home from work (it was a supermarket that was open 24 hours so you get the picture.) He is an ex for a reason I guess.


I recently visited a craft and antiques centre. Imagine my delight when I found that bookshop there. Well, actually I was a little overwhelmed.

I have often thought that I might like to join a book club but never had the courage to actually make the effort to do it. Too many reasons not to. You know what it’s like, “too busy”, “too shy”, “working late”, “got a headache”, “why would I want to dissect a book just read it woman” Sometimes though the world has other ideas for you.

Whilst commuting one day and whiling my time away on google I came across a very interesting article in the Independant all about tea shops. It was listing the 50 best tea shops in the UK. Well, who doesnt love a good tea shop?  I was quite excited to find that Cuthberts Bakehouse was literally round the corner from my office. Wasting no time whatsoever I tweeted the link to a good friend who, like me, can think of nothing better to do than loaf in a nice teashop eating cake. The next thing I know she has discovered that there is a book club there and duly emails them to sign us up ( I was in fact secretly pleased and rather excited especially as it is on my 50 fabulous things list).


So off we tootled to the book club, my friend had the book in hand, I had not read it as I had no clue what it was and joined her at the last minute. We were greeted by a really jolly, friendly group of people and I relaxed rather quickly.

quaint teashopA nice cup of Earl Grey (I declined the cake)  and a good chat about the book that the group had been reading over the past few weeks was a great way to pass an evening. The book of the month, Passage by Connie Willis. Now this is NOT the kind of book I would normally choose to read but this is exactly the reason why I wanted to join a book club. I want to move out of my comfort zone and try new genres.

Due to work commitments and locations moving I wont be able to stay with this group but I will be on the lookout for another one when life settles down.

How about you. Have you done anything new lately? If not, what would you really like to do and what is stopping you?


3 thoughts on “Read all about it.”

  1. I’m not very good with bookclubs. For many of the reasons you said! I even tried a good reads one, ‘cos that’s at least online and there’s various different book discussions going on. But I think I have to accept that, as soon as I feel I must read a book, it loses its enjoyment for me (and I invariably don’t finish it). That probably goes back to my English studies degree! Instead I have written all my to be read books onto wee slips and will pull one out the jar the next time I can’t decide what to read!


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