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A few weeks ago I found this picture on the internet and I loved it immediately. A bit of googling and I discovered that he is called “Little TravelerMouse” and you can find him on Felting Dreams Etsy shop. Oh how I long to have him share my own adventures.

I have, over the last few weeks found myself drifting back to the photo and just staring at it. I hope that his creator Johana doesn’t mind but I have borrowed the image for my twitter picture. I am using him to inspire me.

A couple of years ago I was introduced to a lovely book Romancing the Ordinary, I have written about this before, by my inspirational friend Katherine of Life, Harp, Harp,Life.  One sentence stuck in my mind from the book when she said that finding a picture that speaks to you will usually speak to your soul and unearth the real you. I was sceptical but intrigued. Having found this picture I now understand exatly what she meant.

I have always been an adventurer in my soul. Since being very small I collected images of far flung lands and vintage postcards, I got lost in daydreams of finding undiscovered ruins and I turned the fields behiind my house into the great plains of Africa. As I grew older I dreamed of a career in the travel industry but listened to the “experts” who said that a girl like me didnt do things like that. Instead I have turned my everyday life into an adventure whenever I can.

When I was very little I declared that I would visit Japan one day. I had no clue why I said this. I had never seen a photo of Japan, I knew nothing at all about Japan and I knew nobody from Japan. I now have two good friends from Japan and I have often found myself wandering around the V&A Japan Exhibit and I have this print on my mantelpiece from the shop there.

ScanDuring a visit to a local auction recently I instantly fell in love with a print when I saw it. I am a very lucky lady because my friend was with me and insited on buying it for my birthday. I am now the lucky owner of a stunning Japanese tapestry and I have it by my bed to wake up to daily.

102I guess that I really need to think about that trip to Japan. Maybe these will inspire me.

Over the last ten years I have not taken a “big” foreign holiday opting instead for long weekends and campervan holidays. All of which have been true adventures.


When did you last find an image that spoke to your soul?