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When did I become a hoarder? I found myself asking that question over and over again recently and I couldn’t find the answer. Do I really need an answer? Suffice to say that I am surrounded by clutter and I DONT LIKE IT. Last month I joined with Lula over at Peppermintpot in a challenge to remove 100 items from my home. I didnt quite manage 100 within the month even though I have far more than that to get rid . She is continuing with ditching one thing a day through October, why not join her?

When I moved to Wales I hired a small van and put all of my wordly possessions into one tiny storage unit. This included all of the furniture that I had in a 3 bedroomed, 2 reception room house. I had very little. I was never one for “stuff” And most of that stuff never made it into my next home.


I did have a small collection of elephants that I adored. They did make it into the home in Wales but were packed again when I moved to Colchester. I remember them now and wonder which box they are packed into.



And I have spoken before of my love of books. They are some of my favourite things

good books

I treasured my Wedgewood Dinner service that I had spent , what seemed like, an eternity, to buy. OK so it was a bit indulgent but as my then social life consisted of having friends over for dinner I liked that I could serve all the food on a matching set. Again, I am wondering which box they are tucked away in.

As I ponder these questions and look around myself I realise that I am surrounded by “stuff” not “things”.  I have become materialistic over the last 12 months cramming my life full of “stuff”. I have talked about my love of “things” before and how those things define me and make me happy. I read that blog post again this morning and realise that  is the feeling that I am aiming for. Just a few treasured things and the comfort of being at home in my own cwtch corner.

I have a looming deadline to rid myself of anything that I do not love. More about that on a another day. This means that I am going to carry on joining Lula on the ditching one thing a day challenge but will be aiming to ditch far more.

How might you face up to a challenge to minimalise your “stuff” or do you like being surrounded by things?