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it has been a bit of a long week here at Cwtch Corner. Lots of changes about to happen meaning that there has been a lot of list making and plotting. All of this means that my paintbrushes and pots have not seen the light of day this week.

Never fear, I have a whole bunch of projects that I havent shared so far. Today I want to show you the magazine rack that captured my imagination when I was last in Wales.

IMG_0943It is that one there at the back of the picture. As soon as I saw it I loved it. I had an idea for it right away. I was going to keep this little beauty for myself. Plans changed when my friend saw it and said that she would love it too. Her birthday was coming up and I had wondered what I could get for her.

She recently discovered her own passion for shabbying and had been using a lot of Annie Sloan Emile. My colour scheme plans quickly changed. I think that I went a little over the top on the colour combination but she she seemed to like it

IMG_1194I started by mixing a little Annie Sloan Emperors Silk with a Original to come up with a more cerise colour rather than bright red to paint the inside.


Next I painted the outside in Emile and this was when I got carried away


I decided that it was a little dull so I began to drybrush the flowers with the cerise colour. Then I thought why not add a little silver wax? Oh go on then.

IMG_1191It did cross my mind at this stage to keep it and put my lavender into it for my courtyard garden. I just loved the colours together. Well, I liked it and I think that she does too. If not I will happily rehome it.

Does anybody else enjoy getting full of paint too. I dont think I have had fun unless I have as much paint on my body parts too.