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I have been rather absent of late. So much has happened and is still happening but that is for another time. Today I felt moved to write and that is what I am going to do here. Forgive me my little indulgence but hey, it is Sunday and isn’t that what Sundays are all about?

As I lay in my bed in the early hours of this morning listening to the wind and the rain and feeling the pain and stresses of the last few days I suddenly had an awakening. I have no idea what precipitated that and I have no desire to analyse it. I lay there listening to the wind bending the trees, the rain smashing against the window pane with the covers pulled high over my head in an attempt to shut out the world and I remembered the moment that I captured this photo


It was a cold and wet morning the day I set off for a quick visit to Austria.  I had been struggling in work and in my daily life for so many weeks and this was the break that I needed. I was a little disappointed that the sun, which had been evident earlier, had disappeared. Not to worry I would soon be heading high above the clouds and the sun always shines there.

clouds on the horizon

As I walked out onto the tarmac I could see the sun trying to break through the clouds, I stopped and took in the scene (and, of course, a few photos),watching all of the people boarding with smiles on their faces as they headed off to the slopes for a well earned break. It was a happy place to be despite the earlier wind and rain.

leaving on a jet plane

Once we took off we moved in a large arc and then flew steadily down the river. I was able to see the walks that I do regularly, the bridge that I crossed daily for work and a whole new perspective on my daily life was born.

leaving it all behind

Aboard the plane and only two hours to go before I reached my destination where I would catch up with the man who challenges and questions me daily. He frustrates me, amazes me, stops me in my tracks, makes me smile, causes me to have tantrums, lifts me out of deep depressions, and always makes me feel ok to be me. Of course I also have to mention my best friend in the whole world too (Mr Moo) who happens to have four legs and a snout, is incapable of words but speaks to my soul on so many levels and has taught me so much about life that I find it impossible to explain. The only way that I can explain these relationships is thus:



I digress, back to that awakening (in more than one sense).

I lay there listening to the wind and the rain, pulled the covers over my head in an attempt to sleep and as I closed my eyes and daydreamed about the next trip to Austria I remembered that moment, the one in the photo. Take another look, what do you see? Clouds? Sunshine? Crowded landmass? Green Spaces? Art? Nature? Life? Death? I see all of them.



As the plane took off I gazed down onto Liverpool watching it fall away before me. Just before we broke through the cloud I noticed how much greenery there is, I noticed that the housing estates are shaped like hearts  (I wondered if the planners did that intentionally or is it just the view I have on the world?). Can you see the hearts? I appreciated where I live from a different perspective. So, this morning as I thought ahead wishing for my next trip to be sooner I realised how much I have to relish right here, right now. With that in mind I jumped out of bed and started the day in a much brighter mood.

I didnt catch a photo of the moments after this but as the clouds were breached I was blinded by the sun, those of you that have been privelaged enough to fly will know that exhilerating moment when life just doesn’t seem better. The true meaning of the word breathtaking.

The sun always shines, even when you can’t see it. This is what I am taking with me into today.