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I flew out of Liverpool Airport yesterday as I have a well earned break from work.   As I waited for my flight I looked up to see this quote. Is that not what we all strive for, love, health and peace within?

I was heading to my own little haven of peace. The place where I feel most relaxed and at ease in my own skin.



The snow is all gone now in the village but it is still possible to ski further up the mountain if that is what suits you.

The garden looks very different now without the snow and I am feeling excited at the prospect of developing it into a really tranquil retreat.


This was the view as I left for my lunchtime walk with Moo.  I looked down to see these jewel like beauties peeking up at me from the lawn.

IMG_3622A lovely, leisurely walk taking the time to look around us revealed some unexpected treasures.

An opportunity to play with the camera just couldn’t be ignored when we found a mirror ball. That’s us in front of the Church


As usual the Austrian’s really know how to celebrate different festivities and seasons I particularly love the way that they decorate outside the house or hotels. I was too busy admiring them and enjoying the walk to take too many photos but I will make an effort next time I am out and about.

The clouds were hanging in the valley but they couldnt dampen my spirits, I do so love being here. The pace is slow and the peace is almost deafening. As I type I am listening to birdsong and the click of the keys and that is all I can hear.


If the noise gets too much to bear I can always wander along to this little place for a spot of meditation

IMG_3638 IMG_3639 IMG_3640

The village is full of quirkly little places like this so lots to share in the coming months.

I can hear a wood pecker so I am off to find my binoculars and see if I can’t see the little wonder.

How have you spent your day? I hope it was as relaxing as mine is right now.